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Could Destiny for Women be part of YOUR mission?

At Destiny for Women, we have many areas where we need volunteers and funding. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving in both areas.

For non-financial giving modes check out our Get Involved page.

With annual operating costs of $250,000, we need your assistance. Monthly gifts help us a great deal with achieving stability.


There are many opportunities to support us financially with either a onetime donation or a monthly recurring gift.

Examples of our weekly and our monthly recurring expenses include:


Nurse practitioner/midwife - $1,000/week

Nurse - $600/week

Receptionist - $450/week

Rent - $5,000/month

Electrical - $400/month

Water - $100/month

Trash Removal - $100/month

Click on Donate Button Below to Contribute Electronically