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Abortion Pill Reversal

This is one of our most remarkable stories. Tanya visited our clinic on a Wednesday, January 18, to see if she were pregnant and to get tested for STIs before her abortion.  Thankfully Our advocate told her about the Abortion Pill Reversal, a protocol that can reverse the effects of the first abortion pill mifepristone or RU486, because on the following Monday she took RU486 to end her pregnancy. On Thursday, 3 days later, she returned to the clinic to reverse… Read More »Abortion Pill Reversal

Abundance of Courage

God has honored Jakiah’s desire to keep her baby to incredible lengths. First, God helped her hide the abortion pill her mother gave her. Next, He cast a deep sleep on her mother so she missed her second abortion appointment. Third, her grandmother passed away on the morning of the Planned Parenthood (PP) appointment. Next, she endured an all-night discussion with her mother and father about all of the logical reasons why a 14-year-old should abort. Three days later, her… Read More »Abundance of Courage

Healing All

Late on a Wednesday, Catherine called to tell me a rather confusing story about Gianna, a 27 year-old gal who was 18 weeks pregnant and had scheduled an appointment to abort the baby at Planned Parenthood.  Could I help? I replied that I will be the director of Destiny for Women Health Clinic.  Although our clinic has not yet opened, I would certainly be willing to meet the young woman and speak with her.  Catherine, who only knew Gianna’s aunt,… Read More »Healing All