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Healing All

Late on a Wednesday, Catherine called to tell me a rather confusing story about Gianna, a 27 year-old gal who was 18 weeks pregnant and had scheduled an appointment to abort the baby at Planned Parenthood.  Could I help?

I replied that I will be the director of Destiny for Women Health Clinic.  Although our clinic has not yet opened, I would certainly be willing to meet the young woman and speak with her.  Catherine, who only knew Gianna’s aunt, agreed to wait at the grocery store for her aunt, who worked in the produce isle.  I suggested that Catherine arrange an appointment for me to sit down with Gianna to talk.  Upon hanging up, I immediately distributed an urgent prayer request to our truly amazing prayer team.

The following day, Catherine had arranged for me to sit and talk with Gianna Friday morning.  She also relayed her own story of her personal connection with this tiny baby.  She had been brought up in the system.  At the age of 9 or so, she had been placed in an orphanage, and saving this baby would be the one good work she had accomplished in her entire life.  Although I didn’t know her at all, I assured her that in our brief conversation, I knew that was not true, but I understood how the salvation of this baby could be healing for her own soul.

Friday morning arrived, and Gianna also arrived with her aunt right on time.  After meeting Gianna for the first time, Catherine headed down to Sacred Heart Church to spend the next 3 hours in prayer.  Gianna and I talked about her past suffering, which was great indeed.  We also talked about the only truly good way to overcome evil is to choose to love.  This baby would give her the opportunity to love every single day.  We walked around the clinic to show her the various ways that we would be able to assist her in her motherhood.  As she gleaned that she did not walk this road alone, she gradually became more at ease.  Satan does his best work by deceiving us that we are alone in our suffering.  We prayed together and drove to another center for her to view the baby’s ultrasound.

Afterwards, I called Catherine to share the details with her.  The knowledge that she had assisted Gianna in protecting her baby’s life filled her own soul with indescribable joy.  I might never know how Catherine got a hold of my phone number, but I am so thankful that she did.  Who ever could have guessed that God planned to heal so many lives.